by This Concept

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released October 26, 2013

Performance : This Concept
Production : G1 Productions
Artwork : Set Sail Studios
Artwork Photography : Madeline Masarik



all rights reserved


This Concept Cardiff, UK

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Track Name: Decompose

I've lived most of my life not being able to trust myself.
Not thinking of the consequences i'll endure,
Going through the days ignoring my priorities,
Ignoring my priorities.

But I have finally learnt to accept myself as I am,
And overcome the hardships of modern day horror,
That's our reality.

We were born with wings,
Yet prefer to crawl through our lives.
Crawl through our lives.

This is a trait,
I want to decompose.

I'm looking for an exit, to find my way back home,
These revolving thoughts, trapped within my heart.

If I can't trust myself, then no one will ever gain my complete honesty.
This is a trait I want to decompose.
I want to decompose.

Enough of the bullshit, it's time to start living.
Stop wasting away each day, with aggression and anxiety.
Stop wasting away.
Track Name: Reconstruct

Something keeps haunting me,
leaving my mind weak and my body lifeless.
Fearing for my sanity, each and every night my eyes are wide open.

Focusing on the clock that doesn't seem to be moving.
The nights get longer and longer.
The ghosts come closer and closer,
In possession of illusions from my past.

You are the living perception of visible pollution.

We'll keep the hostile friends in mind, when we've grown old and fragile.
And remember how far we have come without them.

I've already given up on most of you,
I may be civil, but my mind is elsewhere.
When you tell me about your irrelevant life.

Friends are running thin.
Truth is running thin.
Everything that made this world noble is running thin.
You're all forgotten.

It seems like a lifetime ago, when I called you my friends.
I've sent you all to the back of my mind,
Deep in my repressed memories.
Track Name: Luminosity

I’m destroying the things that I love the most from the inside out,
without realising i’m causing any damage whatsoever.
I’m turning into a man in hiding from the world,
without realising the beauty that surrounds our daily routines.

I need to let you flourish,
and become all you can be.
instead of keeping you locked here with me.
Instead of keeping you locked here with me.

An explosive haze of grey
is all that I can see.
But you bring colour to my life,
and wonder if you hold the key.

Unlock these chains that weigh me down,
and help me back up off the ground.
Trapped in my own self-loathing state.
Track Name: Foundations

I will always build my foundations,
deeper and deeper to support myself from falling.

My emotions are running wild,
This supposed to make me happy,
But all it does is break me down slowly,
Bring me down slowly.

I will never be good enough in my eyes,
But I can never tell you that.

I'm shaking off,
The feeling of doubt,
My emotions are still running wild,
But this time for the best.

No longer am I broken down,
But built up from my foundations.

This is more than relation,
This is obsession in it's finest form,
I'll be strong minded,
And lenient.

Cold hands,
A warm heart,
Are all I'll ever have.

Finally happy,
You've brought out the best in me,
And I am forever grateful,
To have you by my side,
To have you by my side.
Track Name: 23.07

I’m getting sick and tired
Of the same old shit,
People taking us for a joke,
I want you to eat your words
In hope that you choke, you choke.

Years spent mastering our craft
while you waste away,
twisting your tongue with
over opinionated dribble,
spilling from your mouth,
who’s accomplishing more?
You do the math.

Go ahead let your ego
grow a little larger.
You’re not getting any fucking smarter.

I’m done feeling like this
for the things you have all done,
It’s your fucking problem from now on,
It should have been from the start.

I will be the one to put you in your place,
at least then you’ll learn to grow the fuck up,
you self centred cunts.

Stop thinking your values are higher
than everyone else’s,
You’re just as human as everyone else.

You are not a god among men,
You are a pilgrim with a fake sense of pride.
Track Name: Rise (Bonus Track)

You're turning into all that I hate,
and do nothing but slander me,
how will you cope when I retaliate
against the shit that floods your mouth.

Ignorant in every way,
manipulative with no shame.
Your satisfaction is to see me fall.
Was I just another part for your collection?
Was I just another part of your collection?

You deserve no respect from me,
I was give and you were take,
You'll be nothing but a memory,
your affection was nothing but fake.

Stand up to all of your mistakes,
so don't be a coward,
and look me dead in the eyes.
Don't call me worthless,
I'll continue to rise.

These words of venom I spit in your face,
aren't wasted thoughts of a jealous man,
they are the true thoughts of people who know you.
Track Name: No Hope (Bonus Track)
No Hope

This left me feeling alone,
it left me fearing there was no hope
to turn to when I needed it the most.

I've learnt a life filled with no hope
is better than a life filled with disappointment,
only, only hope, would lead us astray.

I had nowhere to go and nowhere to stay,
It's engraved in my mind everyday.
Everything that was once familiar,
that I recognised has become a lost cause.

There's no weaker feeling,
Knowing you have lost everything,
when your surroundings remain unseen.

Only home can bring the best from me,
a constant struggle is all I have left to be,
it's hard to care when there's nothing left.

I'd walk my own path,
but I've been led in the wrong direction.
It's not hard to fall when you lie on broken foundations.

The only question that I ask myself,
is will i get through this?